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Split chores simply

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Fairshare keeps track of routine household tasks


#1 Set up your home

Select TASKS from Fairshare's list, or create your own

INVITE your house 

#2 Agree task frequency 

Decide HOW OFTEN tasks need to happen - 

Fairshare's crowdsourced data can help

Set task STATUS

Decide WHO is doing each task

Edit frequency.jpeg
Edit frequency.jpeg

#3 Do your fair share

CHECK OFF tasks as you complete them

SEE who did what & when with Fairshare’s task history


We have spoken to 100s of people
& know what works

"It's just what people need - practical & pragmatic"

Luke Gosset
NHS Psychotherapist

Luke Gosset.jpeg

"A simple & effective solution for the most common pain point: chores & responsibilities"

Kaitlin Soule

Licensed Therapist, US

Kaitlin Soule.jpg

"I just love


Ellie H.


Nick & Ellie pic 2 for website.png

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